Glass Restore vs Glass Replacement

Don’t you Just Replace Damaged Glass?

 When you find yourself with a broken window, there’s no way around it; it needs to be replaced.  But when you find yourself with a scratched window or scratched glass, window replacement is just throwing money down the drain and creating more non-recyclable waste for our landfill. It is possible and quick and environmentally friendly to remove scratches from glass. Canada Glass Restore has a process that restores glass and windows to their original strength and clarity, all at nearly 80% of the cost of window replacement.

What is Glass Restoration?


Glass restoration is about restoring glass, not replacing it. Our patented three-step process means you don’t have to replace windows. The means you don’t have to deal with all the headache of having someone order in the glass that exactly fits your space; you don’t have to disrupt your space for all the chaos that comes with removing windows or glass; perhaps most importantly, you don’t have to expose you and your clients to the dangers associated with panes of glass that can easily break as they’re moved around. 

Instead of all that expensive chaos, glass restoration works with your scratched glass, in place. We don’t move or remove the glass. Our experienced and detail-oriented team come in with a suitcase of tools, and get to work. With minimal disruption, we use a special combination of chemicals and water to restore your glass to perfection, and we can even remove deep scratches. Expert hands and precision tools work carefully to buff out scratches from glass: windows, windscreens, display cases, aquariums, facades, and even glass tabletops. Our work ensures the glass is restored to its original clarity, maintaining strength. After Canada Glass Restore takes care of your damaged glass, it’s as good as new, really!

Why Don’t I Hear More People Talking about Restoring Glass Instead of Replacing it?

That’s easy; people just don’t know! Restoring glass has been used for years and years, but often only by people looking to preserve antique or extremely valuable glass. Traditionally, the general public simply goes with the ads they see and hear: glass replacement! Sadly, that means millions of people have spent too much money and created permanent landfill deposits when they could have just restored their damaged glass.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each piece of damaged glass needs to be quoted based on size, location and the extent of damage. Usually though, our patented and proven process is up to 80% cheaper than of the cost of replacing damaged glass. That’s only the direct cost. There are also savings on hidden costs; you don’t need to take your staff away from their regular duties to move products out of the way for windows to be removed and replaced. We only need you to point out the glass, and we do all the work. Most importantly though, your customers can continue shopping and spending right around our workers, who take up only the space of a person and a suitcase.

How Long does it Take?

For most damaged glass, we are in and done in just a few hours. That’s true even of deep scratches in glass, large acid etch or graffiti damage, and glass with hundreds of scratches from years of wear and tear.

Are you Good at What you Do?

You bet! We’ve got nearly 10 years’ experience restoring all kinds of glass. We’ve got Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and our workers are WorkSafe BC insured. Our satisfied clients, which include McDonalds, Costco and London Drugs, hire us for multiple locations because they know we’re fast, affordable and fabulous at what we do!