About Us


Choosing Canada Glass Restore means choosing quality and expertise in restoring your glass and windows to their original clarity and strength. With over a decade of experience we remain focused on providing fast and efficient help using an eco-friendly process that will save you time and save you money. If your glass surface or windows has damage, we are the experts in returning it to its original look.

Our clients include homeowners, property managers, small business owners, financial institutions, commercial properties and many more. Our success stories are numerous and include residential windows, large commercial facades, vintage cars, coffee tables, even aquariums and boats! We have the right people, skills and tools for any job. If you need your glass or windows restored, calling Canada Glass Restore is your best choice.

Our friendly service people will provide a free and accurate estimate on your windows or glass. Our restoration process will be timely and efficient. Finally, we promise that you will be happy with the end result as we restore your windows and glass to their pre-damaged condition. This is our guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

Why Canada Glass Restore?


On average, glass replacement can take up to a week. It’s simply unacceptable to view the world through distortion and damage. What’s more, such distracting views can put commercial properties and businesses at risk of losing customers.

Canada Glass Restore gets the job done quickly and professionally. Once we get started, your windows can be completed in as little as 48 hours. We guarantee fast service – service you can trust and gets you on with your life.


Replacing windows or glass is an enormous cost! Why pay full replacement fees when the much more affordable alternative restores your windows and glass to perfection?

With Canada Glass Restore you will be saving 50-70% on the cost of complete replacement! Doesn’t everybody want more cash in their pocket these days?


Simply put, making new glass and windows is an energy intensive process that leads to CO2 and sulfur emissions (leading to ozone decay and smog).

With Canada Glass Restore, you are making the eco-friendly choice! Repair instead of replace and reduce your carbon footprint - taking it easy on Mother Nature. Making the environmentally friendly choice has never been so easy (and cost effective).

So why Canada Glass Restore? We save you time, save you money and help save the environment. Call us today.