Canada Glass Restore Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is never something a business owner wants to deal with or have their customers see, but it is a sad reality for many. Too many people victimized by graffiti on their commercial property try to clean or cover it up using inadequate cleaning methods which can actually be detrimental to a complete and effective restoration process. Don’t make the mistake of turning a temporary blemish into a permanent eyesore on your business. Leave it to Canada Glass Restore – the experts in removing graffiti from windows - to get that unwanted graffiti off.

Our graffiti removal methods enable us to remove tough etched on graffiti and acid-etched graffiti from any glass surface with speed and efficiency.

Many people want to know exactly how we get graffiti off glass without damaging it. Let us explain.

Etched Graffiti

Typically, etched graffiti is caused by vandals using items such as carbide probes, glass cutters or even just a lava rock from a nearby garden bed. A few moments of “fun” and bravado by punks cause business owners across Canada $1,000s of dollars every year. Canada Glass Restore tackles etched graffiti with a patented glass polishing technique that restores the appearance and clarity of your glass.

Acid Etched Graffiti

Often more extensive than etched graffiti damage, acid etched graffiti can be caused by thugs using chemicals on a rag – chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid mixed with acetone or shoe polish. Acid etched graffiti eats away the glass surface and then forms a crust. Canada Glass Restore removes the acid damage by using chemicals that neutralize and remove the crust. Once we reveal the acid etching beneath the crust, we can then polish out the damage to a smooth, clear, distortion-free surface.


Canada Glass Restore uses a patented 3-step system to solve your window graffiti problems quickly and for far less than the cost of replacing the glass. With one call, we can give you an estimate on your graffiti damaged glass. The end result will save both time and money. We can guarantee this because we have over a decade providing glass restoration services – usually dealing with graffiti. We know how costly it is to have your customers seeing graffiti on your business for the average time to replace glass – a week! That’s seven days of your customers turning up their noses at something on your business. We know that is unacceptable to you, especially with both current and potential customers’ impressions on the line. We can get that the graffiti removed in as little as 24-48 hours.


No one should have to add into their budget an allowance for maintenance and restoration services because of graffiti. We certainly don't have to tell the average business or homeowner that window or glass replacement is an enormous cost in terms of time, customer opinion, and money. That's why Canada Glass Restore makes graffiti removal easier and more affordable. We remove the graffiti from your glass at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Our graffiti removal service allows the cash you save to go into your pocket, where it should be.


With Canada Glass Restore’s satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be satisfied, guaranteed!