Scratched Window and Glass Repair

Few business owners plan or budget to repair scratched windows. In too many cases, a business owner arrives on site or gets a frantic phone call about fresh scratches across highly visible windows. Somehow, a massive scratch is etched into windows, and the owner or manager is suddenly scrambling to get the windows fixed. With no plan in place, many managers make the mistake of calling a glass replacement company. The mistake? Replacing scratched windows isn’t necessary, and it costs you 80% more than simply restoring the glass.

Planning for glass restoration is much easier than many would think. While window scratch removal often follows an attack of graffiti, there are more predictable situations as well:

Construction Site Damage

Everyone looks forward to a brand new building, home or renovation site. Unfortunately, getting to that stage sometimes involves glass damage. Tools, construction supplies, and even machinery can leave site glass scratched. Instead of replacing the glass, get it repaired, saving you on replacement and disposal fees.

Manufacturing and Transportation Damage

During the manufacturing and transportation of products, scratches on glass sometimes occur. Ideally, if the scratched glass can be detected before delivery to the client, it can be easily repaired with the client unaware of the damage and the product completely restored in strength and clarity. Even if it happens or is discovered upon delivery, we can come and restore the glass within a few hours.

Accidents and Mishaps





Property managers and leasing agents are often left to deal with the multitude of mishaps and accidents that occur on properties. Whether its elevator glass that gets scratched during residential move ins, or an over-zealous cleaner who scratches glass with a caustic cleaning tool, we can restore scratched windows and glass easily and quickly.

No matter what the reason, commercial scratched window repair is something that should never be taken lightly. The scratches need to be addressed, restoring the glass or window to its pre-damaged strength and clarity. Of course, a quick Google search on the subject will turn up a host of DIY scratched window repair "solutions." From a safety and glass durability standpoint, they all pale in comparison to on-site, professional resolution with Canada Glass Restore.

  Our modern certified products have proven success in window scratch repairs, and our staff has over ten years of restoring windows to pre-scratched perfection. Our system and staff allow for an exceptional success rate of restoring glass panels at affordable rates. One of our professional consultants can easily manage your scratched window repair with a trusted, proven product that will resolve your damaged window, like it never happened.

When you discover window scratches, no matter what the reason, call Vancouver’s professionals at Canada Glass Restore to get the job done quickly and professionally.